" Given the time and patience, I could teach a monkey to do tattoos. Given an artist with the will and desire, I can create a professional capable of transforming lives and society with art."

This unique program was designed to train an artist to become a custom, fine art quality tattoo artist. The program consists of private career school style training with personal apprenticeship style attention. The class will cover all aspects of what it is to be a fully custom tattoo artist in a modern tattoo shop. The program also teaches all of the aspects of operating a tattoo studio. A graduate of the program will be trained and prepared to enter a career as a custom tattooist.

The classes are scheduled on an individual program basis to accommodate for the schedules of the students. Program hours are available at the studio from 12p until 9p Tuesday through Saturday. A student can create a schedule with the instructor that allows them to learn at their own pace. The student must complete 375 hours of training in theory and application as designated in the syllabus; as well as pass a written and practical exam to complete the course.

The students who receive Certificates of Completion from this course will then be approved to take the state test for a Permanent Color Technician License in Oregon. The course will also offer preparation assistance for the state test. The school offers assistance with job placement application and offers references for graduates. This is a complete and comprehensive way to enter the world of custom tattooing.

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