All students will be accepted on an application/ review basis. The applicants must complete the Application For Admission form and submit it to the school. The school will make arrangements with the applicant for an interview. Each applicant must bring a portfolio of artwork, done solely by the applicant, to the interview. The school may wish to retain copies of the portfolio work for the purpose of review in the acceptance decision process. After the interview is complete, the school will contact the applicant with the decision to accept or deny entry.

All students must be at least 18 years of age.

All students must submit an art portfolio for review by the school.

All students must pay the application fee.

If accepted as an apprentice, all students must pay the tuition fee, in full, by the first day of class. The cost of the class is $ 15,000.00. We accept Visa/ MC.

Students must attend all scheduled classes. Students are allowed 10 days absence for medical or personal reasons in a term period.

Students are responsible for purchasing any supplies additional to the initial student kit. Students are also responsible for any additional licensing or testing fees required outside of the school. ( such as state license etc.)

Students are responsible for soliciting and recruiting any and all clients for their initial hours of practical work.


Students will be given oral lectures/ discussions as described in the syllabus in the amount of at least 210 hours of total theory.

Upon completing the theory sections and passing the written exams, students will begin their 165 hours of practical training. This must include 50 procedures.

When all practical training and theory is completed as well as all written exams passed, the student will be awarded a diploma and official transcripts used to take the state board test in order to obtain a license.

Classes are scheduled from 12p to 5p tuesday thru saturday. Practical work will be scheduled on an appointment basis during the operation hours of 1p - 9p.

The course is designed to be completed in 15 weeks with a 5 hour/ day attendance 5 days / week. Students overall completion of the course at an acceptable level for achievement of a certificate will be determined by total hours of theory and practical work actually done. Students may take (and may be encouraged or required to take ) more than 15 weeks to do this. Some students may require more training than others in various areas. The goal of this school is to train exceptional tattoo artists with accomplished skill in all areas of the field. The final decision to award a certificate to a student is that of the school director.


Absence /Tardiness The students are allowed 10 days of absence for medical or personal reasons in the 15 week period. Each day of absence will extend the 15 week course period by one day. Any lecture / discussions missed will need to be made up. The students are expected to arrive on time for class. If a student arrives late for a class and the lecture/ discussion has already begun and / or there is not enough time remaining for the lecture/ discussion, the teacher may deem that the student need to make up that day . Students are responsible for scheduling a make up day with the teacher.

Presentation The tattoo shop is a place for cleanliness and attentiveness. The students are required to keep hair and clothes neat and clean. Students must come to class alert and ready to listen and interact attentively. Students who arrive in an unacceptable state in these areas may be asked to leave. Any missed work must be made up. Students are responsible for scheduling a make up day with the teacher.